The Four Schools

Everyone dies, and everyone comes back. But wheel-breakers are too wicked to let live, and the Monks of the Task exist to keep them in the ground. Follow Arzey the monk as he travels the world to hunt down Garza the Provoker, over the course of several lives. Read it now on Beneath Ceaseless Skies!


The 50th Annual Magician’s Games

Em doesn’t have a drop of magical blood in her body. But here she is, at the 50th Annual Magician’s Games. And she’s going to win. Read here on Daily Science Fiction!


Slowly Builds An Empire

• i09 Week’s Best Stories

It’s tough to be non-telepathic in a near-future Japan. But when Shinsuke starts getting messages from an unexpected source, a revolution begins to brew. Read it here on Clarkesworld Magazine! Or, if your eyes are busy, give it a listen right here.

Dr. Murrow

Prism City Blues

Welcome to Prism City, the world’s source for immortality. It’s business as usual until drug dealers start giving away retro for free, and citizens transform into Cronenberg’d insects and wild animals. Available here at the Journal of Unlikely Stories.


Home At Gloom’s End

A vent under the ocean has this weird habit of giving intelligence to passing sea creatures. Orders from living gods push a pod of squid into an undiscovered country, far and away from their home.

Available here at the Dark Magazine.

Not when you have Jack.


Don’t knock the hive-mind until you’ve tried it. Here’s your chance.

Here in audio form at Pseudopod.


On The Origin Of Song

• Locus Recommended

In a world where music is magic, a naturalist from an exiled race ventures from mountain to mountain and jungle to jungle on a quest to find his song. Here on Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and in The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2014!